Molot Vepr 9mm AK Carbine (With Glock Magazines)

    Molot, which I believe is now part of the new Kalashnikov Group, has just begun selling their new Molot Vepr Carbine chambered in 9mm. I don’t have much information about it, all I know is that it uses regular Glock magazines, weighs 7.5 lbs, has an M4-style stock and a forward picatinny rail for mounting a red dot optic. At todays exchange rate it is selling for just over $1,000 USD.

    In the exact configuration pictured above it could not be imported into the USA, but if Molot swapped out the pistol grip and M4 stock for a thumbhole stock and removed that muzzle device, it should be import-legal.

    This time last year Molot introduced their new tactical .308 Win. and 5.56mm Vepr carbines.

    Thanks to Max @ for the information.

    Steve Johnson

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