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IO Inc ar-15 lower

I.O. Inc AR-15 Lowers

I.O. Inc. is now making CNC machined AR-15 lowers.  According to I.O. Inc., the stripped lowers are made from a “solid block of billet aluminum” and accept “all Mil-Spec AR15 components and feature original Mil-Specs.” MSRP on the new lowers is [Read More…]

The Shot Towers Of Africa

Yesterday Steve wrote about the Shot Towers of the USA, Europe and Australia. Today I will tell you about how shotgun ammunition is made in African villages. In most of Nigeria, we all come from one village or the other.. Of course, with schooling and work, we mostly [Read More…]

Shot Towers

Until the mid 20th century the method used to produce lead shot was to drop molten lead from a great height into water. The liquid lead’s surface tension would form it into almost perfect spheres and it would cool as it fell. The water would break the fall and the [Read More…]

SIG P938 silencer

SIG P938 Suppression

SIG Sauer displayed a suppressed P938 pistol at the 2013 SHOT Show, and there was some speculation as to whether this gun would be a shipping model. recently posted that a model number has popped up for a threaded P938 barrel (just the barrel, not a [Read More…]

Is Buckshot Lethal At 50 Yards?

I am sure many dead deer would argue that yes buckshot is lethal at 50 yards. If you need proof, Brass Fetcher tested buckshot against ballistic gelatin at 50 yards and then managed to chronograph it at 50 yards (no small feat). Thanks to Jim for the link.