The GunBuster: What Nightmares Are Made Of

    A company called GunBusters, LLC is marketing a scrap metal shredder fitted with a camera to law enforcement organizations around the country. The GunBuster “Alleviates overcrowded property rooms”, “provides safe, simple, & secure method to destroy firearms” and “reduces agency   administration costs” all while being “SAFE, SIMPLE, & SECURE” … the company does not mention the monetary and historical value of the guns that this machine destroys. I am not joking, I literally had a nightmare last night about this machine destroying my gun collection!


    Take a look at these horrifying videos of guns being destroy …




    I am sure most readers of TFB would agree guns like these should be auctioned off, but even if they cannot be, then at least remove all the parts and auction off part kits.

    … evil, pure evil.

    Steve Johnson

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