Thodio A-BOX: Wireless Boombox In Speakers

    Is there anything ammo boxes cannot be used for? The Thodio A-BOX is a set of high-end wireless bluetooth speakers installed inside a .50 cal surplus ammunition box.


    The Thodio A-BOX sells for 350 Euroes (~$460 USD).  From the product description

    Next to the unique looks, the robust mil-spec design allows you to use it everywhere, anytime, wether you are chilling in the house, on the streets, the beach, in the park or if you need to intimidate the enemy in a warzone from a helicopter (yes, Apocalypse Now) because it can handle a bump, drop and even some rain and napalm unlike all the plastic speakers available.

    We reinforced and insulated the metal can with 3 different materials to get it to sound as great as it’s hand crafted solid wooden brothers, the iBox and the iBox XC do.

    The 200 watts RMS audiophile amplifier driving the custom filtered kevlar coned coaxial speakers with softdome tweeters are what make this box boom. Louder and with more transparency than any portable ipod speaker or boombox you have every experienced. Everybody in the neighbourhood will know who is coming when you turn this baby up, wether your inside of the house or outside…

    You can wirelessly stream your beats from any bluetooth device to the A-BOX with the optional integrated HD lossless aptX bluetooth module.

    Other than the overuse and misuse of the word “milspec”, I really like these speakers.

    H/T Gadeteer. Many thanks to Alfred for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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