New SureFire Shotgun Lights

    surefire new

    The new SureFire DSF series.

    SureFire is now selling new shotgun forend weaponlights.  Like the older SureFire shotgun lights, the DSF unit replaces the entire forend of a shotgun and has built in controls in addition to a white light.

    The new units feature flashlights that have a maximum output of 600 lumens and run up to three hours on two CR123A batteries.  SureFire does not offer any candela measurement for the peak beam intensity, but instead states:

    The LED’s light is focused by a precision reflector to create a smooth, wide beam perfect for closer-range shotgun applications typical in law enforcement and home defense—with enough reach and surround light to properly identify threats and maintain situational awareness.

    Older forend lights from SureFire, the 317 & 617 series, had 100 and 200 lumens output respectively.

    surefire old

    The old SureFire 317 series.

    Switches on the forend are ambidextrous.  There are both momentary- and constant-on switches.

    The new DSF-series lights will be made for the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590 series, Benelli M1/M2 and Winchester 1200 shotguns.  MSRP is listed as $375.  The 870 lights will ship by the end of the month.  No word on when the others will ship.

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