What Happened To The Detonics DTX

    Yesterday after I wrote about the Detonics MTX, a number of readers ask what happened to the Detonics DTX that was announced a year ago but never materialized. I asked the company and this was their response …

    We have not abandoned the DTX. When we originally started designing the DTX we were still going to be using an injection molded lower. Since that point we have developed our own CNC shop which led to the design of the MTX. With all that we learned from building the MTX we now believe that we can build a much higher quality DTX pistol by utilizing the same lessons learned. Also, in the process we designed a new trigger system for that pistol so we realized that we needed to push it back into 2014.

    The DTX is a courageous design with its extreme angled pistol grip. I look forward to it hitting the market. If the design proves to be popular I am sure we would see other companies also trying extreme grip angles.

    Steve Johnson

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