XM25 25mm Airburst Grenade Launcher To Become The M25

    Despite setbacks, SOFREP.com reports that the XM25 is set to be adopted by the US Army and named the M25 …

    The XM25 has a range against point targets (e.g. a window) of 600m, and 700m for area targets. The M203 has a 150m/350m range for point/area targets. Maj. Shawn Murray, Soldier Weapons Assistant Product Manager at PEO Soldier said, “Our studies indicate that the XM-25 with HEAB (High Explosive Air Burst) is 300 percent more effective at incapacitating the enemy than current weapons at the squad level.” The M203 and M32A1 are squad level weapons. Check out this video for weapons effects, and notice the recoil of the weapon.

    The BOI (Basis of Issue) being discussed is one M25 per rifle squad.  The system will be fielded to conventional Infantry and SOCOM units. From now until next year around this time the Army is improving the fire control system, magazine size, battery life and weight. If Congress funds it the M24 should go into low rate production late next year of about 1,100 systems and ammo.

    Earlier this year the XM25 was removed from service after a double feed caused a round to fire out of battery injuring a solider.

    Thanks thanks to Nic for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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