Champion Ballistic Glasses

    champion eye protection

    Champion introduced three new styles of shooting glasses in the recently launched line of military-grade protective eyewear.

    There are two standards for measuring the level of protection that eyewear delivers: the commercial ANSI Z87.1+ standard and the military MIL-PRF-31013 standard.  Most commercial shooting glasses meet only the ANSI standard, which will protect against debris moving at 150 fps.

    champion eye protection

    The military standard is a requirement that the eyewear stop shrapnel moving at 650 fps.  Eye protection meeting the higher standard offers a higher degree of safety, but also tends to be more expensive.

    Champion’s new eyewear meets the military standard, but keeps prices affordable:  $9.95 – 20.95 (MSRP) depending on model.

    Richard Johnson

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