FAB Defense Glock TacticSkin Slide Covers

    Israeli firearm accessory maker FAB Defense just debuted their new TacticSkin slide covers for the Glock 17 and 19 pistols. According to FAB it give you the “ability to customize your Glock slide visibility while allowing enhanced tactical performance and versatility”. It’s made out of a non-slip polymer composite and includes larger slide serrations on both the front and back of the slide cover. They come in black, green, tan, red and yellow and according to FAB they’ll fit fine in a Glock 21 holster. I’m not a fan of adding unnecessary bulk or weight to my firearms, but I can see the benefit of increased grip while racking the slide with the TacticSkin. What are your thoughts? Check them out at Fab-Defense.com.

    Ray I.

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