Taurus CT9 Carbine

    Taurus recently announced on their Facebook page that they’re now shipping their CT9 Carbine that has been in development for quite some time. Chambered in 9mm, the Brazilian made carbine comes with one 10 round magazine, a Picatinny rail up top, adjustable iron sights and is made with both polymer and metal components. It comes in a blued finish with an overall length of 36″ and weights in at 6.6lbs without a magazine.  If you’re wondering why they only come with a 10 round magazine, it’s to comply with pesky 922(r)laws that won’t let you build a rifle with more than 10 imported parts. The magazine itself is considered three parts: the follower, floorplate and mag body. I give it a few months before Taurus USA comes out with American made hi-capacity mags.

    Ray I.

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