IWI Silently Updates Tavor X-95 Design

    The new Tavor X-95 design. Copyright Military Arms Channel.

    Mac from the Military Arms Channel toured the IWI factory earlier this year. He published a number of photographs which indicate that IWI have silently updated the design of the IWI Tavor X-95. The newer model Tavor X-95 rifles features a different handguard and rail  (see above photo). Compared to the older round handguard (see below), the new handguard is much more angular. It looks better in my option, and is probably more ergonomic. The IWI website and brochures still features the old design and I have not received any press releases announcing an updated design. What do you think of the redesign?


    Older IWI X-95 Tavor Design

    More photos of the newer Tavor X-95 can been seen at the Military Arms Channel website.

    Thanks to Arik for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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