Examples of criminally made and modified firearms seized in Ukraine

    A few examples from an article posted here briefly providing an overview of several criminally manufactured and modified firearms seized in Ukraine.

    Chechen machine pistol 1_9212

    “A poorly thought-out design of a sub-machine gun. It literally falls into pieces when handled (used?). The designer was clearly limited to the materials at hand, and would not know the technology. Shop too much: It needs a very strong spring, but then the last cartridge is guaranteed to jam.”


    “Chechen “dogs” – a simple but effective weapon. Made, as far as I know, at the cannery. Judging by the serial numbers several thousand have been manufactured. The barrel is of poor quality, it is often jammed with a bullet, thus can be unscrewed and replaced. In Ukraine, such submachine guns are seized most in the Odessa, Donetsk and Chernivtsi regions, where Chechen criminal gangs are active.”


    “A creative rethinking of a Mosin Nagant rifle. Homemade wire butt, pistol grip and front sight. The classic criminal weapon for concealed carry – with shortened barrel.”

    Homemade semi pistol
    “A rough imitation of a Makarov pistol. Visually the copy looks very good: in the dark or from a distance it could easily be mistaken for the original.”

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