Arsenals New SAM7 SF

    Nobody can tell you more about the new Arsenal AK than the folks who make it. This information is from Arsenal:

    • The SAM7SF is a semi-automatic rifle built on the legendary forged and milled receiver, manufactured by Arsenal Company of Bulgaria and re-manufactured into its fi nal confi guration by Arsenal, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. No detail is overlooked in the SAM7SF and it is designed to provide the ultimate reliability, quality, and longevity one would expect from a serious military grade fi rearm while at the same time incorporating the features of modern sporting and tactical rifle.
    • The barrel on the SAM7SF is the original Bulgarian made, Steyr technology hammer forged, hard chrome lined barrel. These essential features ensure that the shooter gets the maximum accuracy and longevity expected from a rifle of this quality.
    • One of the most unique features of the SAM7SF rifle is the Bulgarian Arsenal’s right-side folding buttstock, specifi cally designed for the milled receiver rifles. Unlike others on the market, it can be fi red while in the folded position, giving plenty of clearance to the bolt carrier while providing a comfortable and sturdy grip for the shooter to fi re and operate the ambidextrous safety without changing positions.
      • The modern ergonomic pistol grip on the SAM7SF rifle is the latest product from Arsenal, Inc. It is larger in design from traditional AK pistol grips and provides more comfort and ease when shooting and handling the rifle. It has a special cut-out on the left side for the ambidextrous safety and like our other current production pistol grips, has an integrated reinforcement metal washer allowing a solid purchase with the receiver without creating any fl ex that may otherwise damage to the pistol grip when shooting the rifle.
      • The fire control group on the SAM7SF rifle is mixture of original Bulgarian and Arsenal, Inc.’s US made components using the original Bulgarian forged and milled double-hood trigger and Arsenal, Inc.’s US made hammer and disconnector.
      • The SAM7SF rifle comes equipped with a removable time-proven AK-74 style muzzle brake. This US-made one-piece unit is the pinnacle of the AK-74 style muzzle brake design. Our precision machined brake makes an enormous difference in minimizing muzzle climb and the recoil, with almost no affect on bullet trajectory. The original 24×1.5mm right-hand threads on the front sight block allow the shooter attach any standard attachment designed for the 7.62×39 caliber as well.
      • The SAM7SF rifle is furnished with the latest design black polymer pistol grip and handguards. The handguards are mil spec with metal insert and stainless steel heat shield in the lower handguard for isolating and more effectively dissipating the heat without causing any damage to the polymer or any discomfort to the hand of the shooter.
      • The SAM7SF rifle is equipped with a scope mounting rail, attached to the left side of the receiver. It also has an 800-meter rear sight leaf.
      • Due to the right-side folding stock, you no longer have to remove your scope to fold it, unlike the traditional left-side folding stocks on stamped receiver rifles. This allows you to fold the buttstock for carrying or storage with the scope on, zeroed and ready. When the rifle is needed, simply extend the stock and it is ready to shoot.




    MSRP: $1,600.00
    Caliber: 7.62x39mm
    Total length: 970mm (38.2”)
    Folded length: 720mm (28.4”)
    Barrel length: 415mm (16.3”)
    Number of grooves: 4
    Twist rate: 1 in 240mm (9.45”)
    Twist direction: right-hand
    Weight: 3.85kg (8.5 lbs.)
    Muzzle velocity: 710 m/s
    Effective range: 400m
    Maximum range: 1350m
    Rear sight range: 800m
    Rate of fi re: 40 rds/min (practical)

    Arsenal Website

    Phil White

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