Snake Hound Machine’s Loudener Muzzle Brake


    No you didn’t read that title wrong, the folks over at Snake Hound Machine actually have a muzzle brake in the works that makes your rifle (or AR pistol) even louder than it already is. Their “Loudener” muzzle brake is touted as the most “obnoxious, ear-shattering, explosive muzzle device you can put on a gun”. It has a single chamber that allows the burning gases to expand before it hits the baffle which lets everyone at the range two counties over that you mean business. What’s the practical purpose of this device? There is none, but boy do I want to shoot at AR with one of these! There’s no definite release date on them as of yet, but Snake Hound Machine did say they’ll be available in both 5.56 and .308.

    Ray I.

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