Ruger Plant Damage Repaired, Back In Production

    Ruger Firearms, 200 Ruger Rd, Prescott, AZ

    A roof collapse during a recent hail storm shut down production at Ruger’s manufacturing plant in Prescott, AZ recently.  The plant is back in full operation, and Michael O. Fifer, Ruger’s CEO, gave details of the incident during the Q2 Earnings Conference Call on August 1.

    An intense hail storm moved through the Prescott area on July 25, and hailstones blocked drains, said Fifer.  With nowhere to go, rainwater and hailstones accumulated on the roof.

    According to Fifer, “small portion” of the roof collapsed.  There were no reported injuries, but a significant amount of water entered the building.

    Most of the machines affected by the rain were being brought in for new production, and were not for current production.  Initial inspections of the machinery did not indicate significant damage, but that does not rule out future problems from the water intrusion into the electronics and other parts.

    Repair teams worked around the clock over the weekend of July 26 – July 28 to implement temporary repairs said Fifer.  By early Monday morning, the plant was back in production.

    Fifer estimated the total loss to Ruger, excluding lost production, to be less than $5 million.

    Richard Johnson

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