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Photos and Images Not Loading?

We have been made aware that photos and images are not loading on the blog for some people. If you have having this problem please post your web browser version and operating system in the comments below (for example Safari 6.05, Mac or IE11, Windows 7). We are looking [Read More…]

A look inside the Swiss K31 Bolt

Those beautiful K31 bolts are incredibly smooth compared to other straight pull rifles.  They’re also much simpler than the competition.  This next paragraph is going to have a lot of words about just how this works but hopefully the animation I whipped up will [Read More…]

Glock Discontinues “C” Models

Glock recently sent out an e-mail to their distributors that they will be discontinuing their “C” model line of compensated pistols. They also announced that they will also discontinue their Glock 20, 21, 29 and 30 Gen 3 line as well. Their announcement can [Read More…]

H&K HK416A5 Photos

The folks at 762PR Defence PR Marketing sent us some photos of the H&K HK416A5. The A5 model was unveiled late last year and incorporates some of the features H&K developed for the H&K G28 DMR (which is itself based on the HK417).

A Free Gun Auction Website

The owner sent us a message about his site. They are offering online gun auctions with absolutely no fees to buy or sell. Edward wrote … I am a 21 retired US Army Special Operations Soldier. After my retirement I owned a 6000sqft Gun Store [Read More…]

Weaver Scopes

New Weaver Grand Slam Scopes

Weaver announced a complete revamp of the company’s Grand Slam line of rifle scopes.  The new scopes have “undergone a complete transformation inside and out,” according to a press release from Weaver. The scopes use a new Weaver Micro-Trac Adjustment [Read More…]

What Happened To The Detonics DTX

Yesterday after I wrote about the Detonics MTX, a number of readers ask what happened to the Detonics DTX that was announced a year ago but never materialized. I asked the company and this was their response … We have not abandoned the DTX. When we originally [Read More…]

Ruger Q2 Backlog Worth $590 Million!

A contributor at Seeking Alpha reports that Ruger’s has an order backlog worth an incredible $590 million as of the end of the second quarter. This backlog is down only slightly from the Q1 backlog which was $602 million. In Q2 incoming orders were down from Q1 [Read More…]