German Police Experimenting With 3D Printed Guns

    3D printed guns made headlines earlier this year, especially when the 3D printed “Liberator” pistol design was released to the public by Defense Distributed. It sparked a debate as to whether plans for 3D printed guns such as the Liberator pistol should be available to the public. The State Department even requested that Defense Distributed take down their 3D printer files¬†a few months back citing a violation of ITAR regulations.

    Well it looks like the German Police (the Bundeskriminalamt), or the BKA for short, are getting in on the 3D printed gun action. They’ve purchased a 3D printer of their own to test whether these inexpensive firearms are a real concern, or just a bunch of malarkey. Just ask the Australian Police, they tested a 3D printed gun that blew up. The BKA is also looking into 3D printed guns as a cost cutting measure for their own police force. Maybe¬†Heckler & Koch should look into developing a 3D gun of their own to help reverse their financial situation.

    Ray I.

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