Corbon Urban Response Ammo

    Corbon Urban Response

    Corbon is now making a new .223 Remington load called the Urban Response.  The new line of ammunition appears to only have one load…for now.  It is unknown at the time of this writing if additional loads are in the works.

    The .223 load uses “Match Quality Lapua Brass” and Corbon claims the ammo consistently produces 1/2″ groups at 100 yards.

    Corbon Urban Response

    The 55 grain hollow point bullet uses a thin copper jacket and has a soft lead core.  Combined with a velocity of 2900 fps from a 16″ barrel, penetration is limited to 10″ in ballistic gel.  According to Corbon the round is designed for self-defense in “close quarter urban environments.”

    MSRP is $63.75 for a box of 50.

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