D-TR AR-15 Dual Trigger

    Here’s something different for the AR-15, D-TR came up with a dual trigger system modeled after similar systems used on paintball guns. The D-TR kit features a 2.25lb pull weight on the lower trigger (no specific number on the top trigger) and is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel. It’s made here in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee from D-TR. Why would someone want a dual trigger setup? Well on paintball guns it’s used to give shooters the ability to rapid fire and throw a lot of paintballs down range, is the same concept achieved on the AR-15? You be the judge, check it out in action below. They retail for $239 and are currently available in black but should be available blue, red, brown and green soon. Check them out at FireDTR.com.

    Ray I.

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