3HGR Rifle Tree-Attachment Sling System For Hunters

    The 3HGR (pronounced three-hhhgggrrr as in Tree Hugger) is a rifle sling/hardness that can be used to  securely mount a rifle onto the side of a tree. It was developed by a former Finnish Defense Force sniper instructor who for the past eight years has worked as a border guard in North Karelia region of Eastern Finland, guarding the Russia/Finland border. He has put a lot of thought into the design which allows the fast attachment to a tree trunk of modest diameter (not for use on a Californian Redwood) and can also be used as a sling or harness.





    The 3HGR is not be sold retail in USA yet, but can be purchased online for 79€ ($103) and worldwide shipping is free.



    Steve Johnson

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