Sigh … LaRue Issues Press Release To Say They Will Not Release Information

    LaRue’s secrecy makes even Magpul look like a communications machine. They just issued a press release saying they don’t wish to say anything about everything, especially their new barrels. The full press release …

    In the case of those patiently waiting on their LaRue rifle, we’ve been making an all-out effort to make it true.

    It’s no secret that information regarding our rifles is closely-guarded, but it’s now time to let folks know what we’ve been up to for well over a year. Building rifle barrels from scratch straight out of 12′ long bars has been one hell of an endeavor.

    Without going into much detail, for some time now we’ve been pressured by more than a few outside interests to bring the manufacture of our barrels in-house. This in no way is a reflection of the barrels we have outsourced since way back when – we spec’d them out, inspected them in, and are damn proud of their performance over the years. LaRue rifles in customer hands are renowned for their accuracy and will provide many years of outstanding service.

    The decision to make our own barrels was a natural progression for this company’s quest to do it all. It took a substantial investment in modern equipment, infrastructure, engineering, training and R&D. It also simplifies supply chain management when it’s coming from in-house. All of this has taken time, quite a bit more time than originally estimated.

    Judging from results we’ve been getting, LaRue barrels might well one day be considered among the finest barrels found on production rifles. As you know, we set the bar high, and spare no expense.

    As proud as we are and as much as we’d like to share more, we’re keeping the specifications close to the chest. We can and will say our reputation for accuracy and performance will remain unblemished.

    Mark LaRue

    Without a doubt they make excellent rifles. Unfortunately their poor communications and their extreme backlog of orders means I get their customers emailing me on a regular basis to complain that they are not getting their guns. I just tell them that their situation is the same for everyone else, and if they would like to see a gun in the near future, they should cancel their order and look elsewhere.

    Steve Johnson

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