Hive Satchel Now In Camo / Orange

    I wrote about Blue Force Gear’s nifty Hive Satchel earlier this year. The satchel is designed to be large enough to carry a PDW, Submachine Gun or SBR (with foldable stock), but not look like a tactical gun bag (ie. black, long and covered in MOLLE attachment points). The latest version of the Hive does look a little tactical, with its camo and vivid orange color scheme, but still looks more like a street bag than a gun bag.  I really like the color scheme. Attached to the mono-strap is a triangular shaped pouch suitable for a regular-sized pistol This version of the bag is a limited run with just 300 being produced. I can be purchased for $195 at Blue Force’s website.

    Costa Ludus logo

    glock in side pocket

    Hive back

    HIVE-2 1


    Steve Johnson

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