The OnionSafe: A Concealed Handgun Lockbox and a Safe In A Night Stand

    The OnionSafe, made by a new company of the same name, is hardwood nightstand that incorporates a handgun lockbox concealed inside a side panel and a larger safe incorporated into the lower drawer.

    OS_drawer and safe_15_F


    From the press release …

    The onionSafe makes it easy and safe to keep a handgun in the home, ready to defend against intruders.  Disguised as an attractive nightstand, the OnionSafe keeps your firearm secure, but within your bedside reach. A quick touch releases a hidden compartment, revealing a handgun lock box with a digital keypad. Although there are 3 layers of security for the handgun lock box, access can be made in less than 10 seconds.

    The OnionSafe also cleverly addresses the needs for better home security of important documents and jewelry. Hidden compartments contain a jewelry box and a tamper resistant home safe.  Both enclosures maintain a 3-layer level of access security, keeping those things that are important to you yours.

    The handgun lock box and home safe are made of steel.  The OnionSafe enclosure is made in the US of American hardwoods with old world craftsmanship and specialty hardware designs that date back to the eighteenth century.

    The safes of being sold online for $1495. The company told me that because each nightstand is custom made, delivery takes two to four weeks. It I had the money, I know that I would buy two of them for my bedroom.

    Steve Johnson

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