The Ballerina: Latest In CS Gas Grenade Technology

    Nicknamed the “The Ballerina”, the GL 310 is a new CS tear gas grenade from Brazilian firm Condor that rolls around on a random path after it hits the ground. The idea behind it is that its targets will have a hard time anticipating the movement and picking it up. It is quite a clever idea and given the riots in Brazil right now, and there are sure to be many more before the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games are over, Condor could be in to make a fortune! On a side note, I vaguely playing with toys or balls that rolled in random directions when I was a child, it is strange to think that innocent technology has ended up in anti-riot grenades.

    12 AM 403 SRP (Short Range Accuracy) jpg

    The company also introduced a new type of 12 gauge less lethal slug round. The 12 AM 403 SRP (Short Range Accuracy) round is designed to be used at close ranges from pump action or semi-automatic shotguns and is supposed to be less lethal than competing ammunition. Rubber bullets, which is what these are, fired at close range frequently end in tragedy. Much better solutions exist today such as hard paintballs filled with CS, dye and other chemicals.

    Many thanks to Lionel for the photos and information.

    Steve Johnson

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