Bianchi Venom, Suppression Holsters for Shield

    Bianchi Suppression

    Bianchi announced the expansion of the Venom and Suppression holsters for the Smith & Wesson Shield pistols.  The model 75 Venom is an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster made of full grain leather and dyed in black or tan.  The design has an open muzzle and uses 1.75″ belt loops.  MSRP is $62.00.

    The Suppression is an inside-the waistband (IWB) holster that is also made of leather and is part of the company’s Allusion series.  This holster uses a thermal-molded synthetic core to help the holster retain its shape while worn and ease in reholstering.  It uses 1.5″ belt loops.

    The Suppression is a tuckable holster.  It has an anti-microbial mesh on the exterior of the holster that faces the wearer’s skin.  This is said to reduce odor from bacterial growth.  The Suppression is also available in black and tan colors.  MSRP is $74.00.

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