Alleged Corruption In German Military H&K G36 Rifle Acquisition

    The German government is investigating a German arms manufacturer, Ministry of Defense employees and Bundeswehr general staff for corruption regarding a recent rifle acquisition. Apparently this unspecified  rifle, which the media report as being an assault rifle (but they can’t be trusted to get gun facts correct), was procured despite technical studies finding it had serious deficiencies, including poor accuracy.

    The German government did not say what the rifle was, nor which company was being investigated.

    I will point out that back in October 2010 TFB reported that a German government report criticized the HK417 for accuracy problems, which disqualified it from the German Army Designated Marksman Rifle competition, but that the civilian model, the H&K MR308, was still allowed to compete. In October 2011 the Army announced that they would adopt the MR308 (designated the G28 DMR).

    UPDATE: German readers are saying that the German media is now openly reporting that the scandal involves the adoption of H&K G36 rifles, not the G28.

    Many thanks to Axel for the tip.


    Steve Johnson

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