MasterPiece Arms Upgrades Suppressors

    MPA suppressor

    MasterPiece Arms announced the company upgraded the Sentinel II and Vigilant II suppressors that are designed for the .22 LR.  The upgraded suppressors are a result of re-engineering of the baffle design and the exterior components.  Benefits include:

    • reduced sound signature
    • quieter first round pop
    • improved point of impact shift
    • reduced weight
    • easier disassembly

    The aluminum Sentinel II has a dB rating of 116.4, weighs three ounces and is 5.7″ long.  MSRP is $279.99.

    The stainless steel Vigilant II is also rated at 116.4, weighs 7.4 ounces and is 5.7″ long.  MSRP is $325.99.

    Richard Johnson

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