Ruger 10/22 Laser from LaserMax

    LaserMax 10/22

    LaserMax is now making a special red laser aiming unit for the Ruger 10/22.  The unit mounts onto a 10/22 rifle by removing the stock barrel band and then sliding the laser unit down the barrel and into the barrel band’s old place.

    According to Ruger, the laser is pre-aligned at 25 yards and is visible to 100 yards in good lighting conditions.  The laser aiming point is completely adjustable for windage and elevation.

    LaserMax 10/22

    The unit has two short Picatinny rails on either side of the laser.  Feel free to kit up.  The 1/3N battery is supposed to be good for two hours of continuous run time.

    The new unit is sold only through Ruger, but carries a full five-year LaserMax warranty.  MSRP is $129.95.

    Richard Johnson

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