Swivl: A Downrange Personal Cameraman

    Nick Chen emailed me about a nifty camera mount called the Swivl that, using infra-red, can track people as they move about, making it perfect for shooting video downrange without putting a cameraman in harm’s way. Nick wrote …

    It is a small base that you mount a camera to. The base then tracks a small infrared marker.  It’s purpose was for video conferencing and facetime. The device was developed around the iPhone and iPod. However you can mount small video cameras to it.

    I realized immediately the potential of this device to give me a safe way to video the shooter downrange.

    Here is a video i just edited with some samples from a few shooting matches these past few months I have had this thing.

    A feature I do not use is the wireless mic feature. There is a cable that the base plugs into an iPhone or iPod. The IR marker is also a wireless mic. Sadly it only works with apple products. I decided I would sacrifice sounds of me breathing and talking to myself for wider angle video from my GoPro.

    Steve Johnson

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