New Buffalo Bore .32 S&W Long Loads

    Buffalo Bore 32 Long

    One of the great things about smaller ammo companies is their willingness to support some of the lower volume calibers.  For people that rely on niche calibers, or who enjoy shooting an old family heirloom, finding ammunition can sometimes be a difficult chore.

    Buffalo Bore is one of those companies that is willing to support the niche and “forgotten” calibers that other companies may not support like they once did, if at all.

    Recently announced by Buffalo Bore are two new loads for the .32 S&W long caliber.  One is a 100 grain hardcast wadcutter rated at 900 fps.  In “real world” testing with actual firearms, the company states velocities of 835 fps to 936 fps depending on the firearm.

    Buffalo Bore 32 LongThe second load is a 115 grain hardcast lead, flatnose bullet rated at 800 fps.  Again using actual firearms, the company managed velocities of 715 fps to 840 fps.

    The company states these loads are designed for self defense, so they used a hardcast bullet with a flat front to maximize damage.  Buffalo Bore also states they maximized velocity while staying within the relatively low 15,000 psi SAAMI pressure limit.  The company states these loads are perfectly safe for use in any non-top break firearm.

    MSRP is $26.53 for a box of 20 on both loads.

    Richard Johnson

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