ARF Digital: Electronic Marking System For Airsoft

    The sport of airsoft  relies on an honor system because, unlike paintballs for example, airsoft BBs do not mark the person they hit.  Since it is easy for even an honest player not to notice they were hit by a lightweight BBs, the honor system has its limitations. One solution to this problem is the new Airsoft International ARF Digital system.

    The ARF Digital uses combat-style helmets and body armor that contain sensors which can detect hits, much like a game of Laser Tag. When a player is hit, an alarm is sounded and a signal is sent wireless to their gun which disables it for a certain number of seconds (preventing the player from shooting while they are dead). The gun-disable receiver can be installed on any electric airsoft rifle. There are even specially designed grenades which wirelessly “kill” players within their virtual blast radius.

    arf digital airsoft


    The system is demonstrated in the video below …

    Steve Johnson

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