Archive: May, 2013

HERA Arms H3 MAG AR-15 Magazine

Andrew Tuohy spotted the ultra-rare HERA Arms H3MAG at the LAN World, Utah gun shop. Right now there are only four species of these H3 magazines in the country. Hera does not even list them on their German website, but LAN World, the distributor of them in the USA, [Read More…]

More Crazy Quail Fun

There are few gun-related toys I want more than The Crazy Quail … It is funny to see one guy with a double barrel shotgun, next to a bunch of guys with Nordic +9 magazine extensions attached to their semi-automatics.

Ruger Needs Gun Loving Engineers

Ruger CEO and President Michael O. Fifer recently said on a shareholder analyst call that the company needs a lot more gun loving engineers. From the call transcript … Brian Gary Rafn – Morgan Dempsey Capital Management, LLC: Mike, you talked about your new [Read More…]