Limbsaver TAC-10 AR Stock

    Tac-10 stock

    Limbsaver introduced a 10-point adjustable stock for the AR-15 called the TAC-10.  LOP adjustments are made at 1/2″ increments giving the shooter a greater degree of precision when adjusting the stock.  The company claims the new stocks are “snag free.”

    The TAC-10 stocks include the use of some kind of “anti-muzzle jump technology,” which the company claims reduces up to 70% of felt recoil.

    The new stock will have a short Picatinny rail on it, and they will come in multiple colors and camo patterns.  Expect pricing to be around $80-100 depending on color.

    Tac-10 stock


    Update:  I received an e-mail from Limbsaver saying:

    Thanks for the interest in our TAC-10 adjustable stock.  At this time have shelved the TAC-10.  We are planning on adding it to our 2014 product line.

    So, it sounds like this stock is on hold for now.  We’ll have to see if it pops back up at the 2014 SHOT Show.

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