Training and Ammo

    Safety Solutions Academy

    One of the toughest things I’ve had to do recently is to shoot 500 rounds of 9mm in a handgun class.  The training was great, but I knew I would have a tough time replacing every round that went down range.  Considering I’ve seen FMJ going for $1/round and more, I knew the cost of this class was much more than just the tuition.

    I got an e-mail yesterday about a training class being offered by Safety Solutions Academy that allows participants to purchase ammo for the class and up to an additional 1000 rounds at reasonable pricing (by today’s standard anyway.)  $375 gets you a two-day Combat Focus Shooting class, and for each additional $375 you get 1000 rounds of 9mm ammo.  Not a bad deal.

    Disclosure:  I took a CFS class with Safety Solutions Academy last month (no ammo deal then, unfortunately) and found the instructors to be very professional and knowledgeable.

    Richard Johnson

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