SDO Reticle Mil scale as depicted in T M 11758A-OR. For range estimation of a human target, the average measurement of a height of 1.5 meters and a chest width of 19 inches is used. For a man sized target at 100 meters, the shoulders will touch the two mil dots opposite the center red dot. For 200 meters, shoulders will touch the lateral sides of the illuminated horse shoe and for 300 meters, shoulders will touch the two disconnected end at 6 o’clock. For 400 and 500 meters shoulders will align with the lateral line at 4 and unmarked 5. From 600-1000 meters the shoulders will fit between the respective mil dots and lateral mil scales. For vehicle estimation the tires will fit between the mil dot and the end of the solid lateral mil line in the front/rear view and from edge of mil line to mil line in the side view.