Sling from Limbsaver

    Limbsaver sling

    Limbsaver, known for their recoil mitigation products, is now making a tactical sling that is designed to reduce fatigue on the shoulders.  The SW Tactical Sling can be set up as a single point or two point sling and is “military-grade.”

    According to the company, the sling is not bulky and a rifle can be brought into action quickly.  It has quick detach points to separate the gun from the shooter when needed.

    Limbsaver sling

    Through the use of the contoured vibration reduction material, the company claims to have significantly reduced fatigue and increased comfort.  The nylon webbing has been tested at 2000 pounds by the company.

    The sling can be bought in black or black and tan, with either a single point or two point connection   The suggested retail price is $44.99.

    Limbsaver sling

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