Caldwell EMAX Low Profile Ear Pro in Mossy Oak

    Caldwell ear pro

    Battenfeld Technologies announced the introduction of a new model in the Caldwell EMAX line of hearing protection. The new ear pro is a low profile, over-the-ear muff finished in the Mossy Oak camouflage pattern.

    The Caldwell EMAX uses two mics to provide stereo amplification of quiet sounds. The amplification shuts down at 85 dB to provide a noise reduction of 23 dB. There is an auxiliary input jack for plugging in an iPod or other music player. The amplification is handled by a pair of AAA batteries.

    I own two sets of Caldwell EMAX electronic hearing protection that are virtually identical to these. They have served me well for the past several years and are very affordable. I think I paid less than $40 each for them.  MSRP on these is $49.99.

    Based on my experiences, I’ve observed that hunters are the group of shooters least likely to use hearing protection when enjoying their sport. If you hunt, do you use ear pro? If not, why not?

    Richard Johnson

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