Mossberg 20 Gauge Self Defense Shotguns

    Mossberg 500

    Mossberg is expanding their line of 20 gauge self defense shotguns this year with two new model 500 Cruiser/Persuader models.  Both of the new models have extended magazines (total of eight 2 3/4″ shells) and a 20″ matte blue barrel.  Both of the new pump guns have ghost ring sights.

    The model #54300 has a Bantam stock, which is a traditional fixed stock, but is slightly shorter than the normal fixed stock.  It offers a 13″ length of pull (LOP), which is shorter than the 14″ – 14.5″ LOP seen on other Mossberg shotguns.

    The model #54301 uses an M4-style adjustable stock with a pistol grip.  This allows the user to adjust LOP from 10.75″ – 14.5″.  Other than stocks, the two shotguns are the same.

    Mossberg 500

    The 20 gauge shotgun is a viable self defense tool, especially when loaded with #3 buckshot or slugs.  The loads are very effective, but with less recoil than a 12 gauge.  Although Mossberg already makes 20 gauge model 500 shotguns for self defense, these two new guns bring them more in line with the offerings available for 12 gauge.

    Richard Johnson

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