Crowd Sourced Fealty Arms Lower Project

    Fealty Arms lower

    Prototype of a Fealty Arms 80% lower.

    If you want an 80% AR-15 lower for as low as $65, you might want to check out a new crowd sourced project from Fealty Arms.  The new company is using RocketHub to acquire funding, and offering backers a variety of non-regulated 80% lowers in exchange.

    An 80% lower is essentially the start of a “from scratch” rifle.  Since it is not complete, it is not regulated by the US government as a firearm.  There are no serial numbers, dealers or other hoops to jump through.  They can be mailed directly to your residence – just like any other piece of metal.

    An 80% lower is not something you can just drop a trigger kit into and slap on an upper to make a functioning AR-15, however.  The lower will still require a fair amount of work with a drill press to turn it into a useable lower.

    It may not be quite as intense as building an AK-47 from a shovel, but these lowers will definitely add a little complexity to the relatively simple process of assembling an AR from parts.  The funding period for Fealty Arms runs through April 30.

    Richard Johnson

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