Defense Distributed Releases Printable AK Magazine

    The fertile minds at Defense Distributed have announced the existence of The Feinstein Mag. Available for free download from their website at, The Feinstein Mag is not a magazine, but a computer file which can loaded into a three-dimensional printer. When the file is accessed and its program run, the 3d printer will print out as many 30-round 7.62×39 AK-47 magazines as the printer operator wishes. The program includes everything needed to print out the magazine body, follower, and floorplate; only a metal spring needs to be sourced separately to assemble a working Kalashnikov magazine.


    Defense Distributed made national news not too long ago with their upgraded, reinforced AR-15 lower file, which allows a 3d printer to create a working AR-15 lower receiver. They also have The Cuomo Mag, a 30-round AR-15 magazine, and other firearms related files such as a sound moderator and magazine coupler. There is even a file for a complete .22lr single shot pistol reminiscent of the famous WWII “Liberator.”

    Defense Distributed’s stated goal is to destroy gun control efforts through the widespread sharing of information. Regardless of what laws may be passed, gun control efforts will fail if the citizenry cannot be physically prevented from possessing or manufacturing firearms and their components. Gun advocates like to say that the 2nd Amendment protects all the others. Defense Distributed intends to prove that the 1st Amendment can protect the 2nd.