DeSantis Ammo Nemesis

    desantis ammo nemesis

    DeSantis Gunhide announced an addition to their Nemesis line of pocket holsters:  the Ammo Nemesis.  The new holster retains much of the same styling, look and feel of the original Nemesis, but with an added ammo pocket.

    Many people who carry a snub nose revolver will also carry a strip of spare ammo on a Speed Strips or QuickStrips.  These strips keep the ammo from rolling loose in the pocket.  The Ammo Nemesis has a small pocket on the “tail” of the holster where that stip of ammunition can be held.

    The holster is made of synthetic materials.  The holster’s tail and the rubber-like outer surface help keep the holster in the pocket during a draw.  MSRP is $24.99.

    Richard Johnson

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