Steven Seagal To Lobby On Behalf Of Russian Gun Makers

    Somehow Steven Seagal managed to convince the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin that he would be able to lobby the US government to ease restrictions on Russian firearm imports. I think our chances of buying an AK-12 or AK-107 at the local gun store just diminished. reports (terribly translated with Google) …

    Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin asked the American actor Steven Seagal for assistance in the abolition of the Russian-American agreement that restricts the supply of modern Russian small arms in the U.S.. Meeting with Seagal was held today at the Government House.

    Rogozin said he would discuss the issue with the Obama administration. But Seagal is widely respected in the American small community, so decided to use Rogozin and this “lever” and not just the official level talks. “In all the movies I’ve seen that have seen my fellow citizens, you have always been on the side of good against evil, it was always an unequivocal position for justice, for life, against terrorism, against Crime” – quoted Rogozin RIA “Novosti” .

    “In the U.S. market, no one is waiting for our new developments. Causes of competitive properties: local players do not want to let the market outsiders. This is quite a natural politician. In the USA the powerful gun lobby, we have someone to start up on your market? No. Likewise, they are, “- says the newspaper VIEW TSAMTO director Igor Korotchenko.

    Many thanks to Peter for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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