Boberg CDH-15 Stripped Lower

    CDH 15

    Image courtesy of Boberg Arms Corporation

    Boberg Arms Corporation is now manufacturing machined billet aluminum AR-15 lowers.  According to Boberg, CDH stands for Cold Dead Hands.

    The CDH-15 offers “guaranteed fit and function to ensure complete compatibility” with your upper.  It is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and should be good for pretty much any caliber you can jam into the AR platform.

    There is an integral trigger guard, which should be large enough for use with gloves.  It does prevent the use of certain other parts such as the Stark grips.  The mag well is bevelled for easier mag loading.

    The CDH-15 is available in black only.  MSRP is $399.  Shipping of the lowers is supposed to start this month.

    Richard Johnson

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