Remington 12 Gauge Ammo Recall

    Ruger Buckshot Recall

    Remington Arms has a recall in place for some of their law enforcement, reduced recoil, 12 gauge 00-buck ammo.  According to Remington, certain lots of this ammunition may contain improper propellant charge weights.  Most shooters, and certainly all reloaders, understand that the wrong propellant charge weights can has catastrophic consequences.

    It should be noted that the boxes may be listed as “law enforcement” ammunition, but there is nothing special about it, nor are there any prohibitions on selling it to non-law enforcement personnel.  Consequently, there is likely a substantial amount of this ammunition available for consumer sales.

    Remington ammo recall

    Remington identified the following lot numbers as being subject to this recall:

    • N27YC525   
    • N29YA525        
    • P02TA525  
    • P03TA525   
    • P06TA525
    • N28YC525
    • N29YB525
    • P02TB525
    • P03TB525
    • P08UB899
    • N28YB525
    • N29YC525
    • P02TC525
    • P05TB525

    The lot numbers for the ammo can be found stamped on the inside flap of the original boxes.  If you have any ammunition that you think might be covered by this recall, click here to visit the Remington site and obtain additional recall information.

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