Israeli SOF Photoshoot with MTAR-21

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Agilite, makers of tactical and search and rescue gear, did a photoshoot with a Israeli SF unit armed with Micro Tavor MTAR-12 rifles. They emailed us some of the photos and wrote …

Alongside the IDF’s very latest hands-free medevac equipment are their Micro-Tavor’s, seen here in this week’s photoshoot for leading Israeli tactical gear company Agilite. An unnamed elite IDF SOF unit are seen sporting Micro-Tavor’s with tripod fore-grips, MARS and Meprolight M21 reflex sights while using their new Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) and FlatEvac Litter s. The Micro Tavor seems to be fast overtaking the regular Tavor rifle within Israel’s SOF community.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Alex Vostox Alex Vostox on Mar 19, 2013

    Instead using the camouflage pattern BDU, why the IDF keep using the standard plain khaki brown pattern camouflage I wonder? For dessert terrain maybe, but It doesn't looks very effective for wooded and urban terrain.

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    • Joe Schmoe Joe Schmoe on Mar 26, 2013

      @Alex Vostox Yes I did, and you are most certainly welcome.

  • Edward Osborne Edward Osborne on Mar 19, 2013

    Love my Tavor. Interesting that they call it an "mtar" here rather than IWI label "X95"

    • Joe Schmoe Joe Schmoe on Mar 19, 2013

      @Edward Osborne In the army it's called the "Micro-Tavor", not X-95; in the same way that the CAR-15's are still called "M-16's". The original name for it was the MTAR-21 version.