New SIG SAUER X-Series Modular Pistol in 9mm and .40 S&W

    SIG SAUER (Germany) has launched a major new line of modular competition pistols. The line has 9 base models, 7 special/accessorized models, and 20 modular accessories. The new X-Series pistols are based on the SIG P226 X-Series and I believe supplants the old SIG P226 X line.


    The main line has three basic models. The X-Short model has a 4.4″ barrel, the X-Five has a 5″ barrel and the X-Six has a 6″ barrel. Each of these models is available in three different styles. The X-Line Classic style features ergonomic walnut grips. The X-Line Match style features black wooden grips, a sport magazine catch and a skeletonized hammer and trigger. The X-Line Super Match features G10 grips and a straight match trigger.


    There are then four specialized pistols. The XPress is a basic entry-level pistol. The X-Five All Round is designed to match the requirements/restrictions on a number of different shooting competitions. The X-Five SO and SAO have non-adjustable triggers (to satisfy rules of certain competitions). The X-Five Open, X-Six PPC Open and X-Six PPC are likewise designed to meet certain competition regulations.

    sig s-series

    x-series 2

    The accessory market is big and the margins are high. SIG are clever to introduce their latest sports pistol line with a complete set of accessories from day one. There are 20 different accessories that can be attached to the X-Series pistols (although some only work on specific models). They are …

    X Mount Bridges Kits (2) : These allow mounting of optics and come standard with a picatinny rail.

    X Mount Adapter Kits (3): These three kits replace the picatinny rail with optic specific mounts (Docter, Aimpoint and C-More)

    Sights (3) : Three different sight styles are available, including one night sight. Each is adjustable for windage and elevation.

    Slide Side Racker (1): The slide racker replaces the rear sight and allows the shooter to easily rack the slide from the side when an optic is mounted.

    Compensator (2): There is one compensator for the X-Five and one for the X-Short.

    X-Weight (2): These are weights that attach to the under barrel picatinny rail to add weight to the front of the pistol. There is one for the X-Five and one for the X-Six.

    Jet Funnel (2): There are two flared magazine wells. The one is made of polymer, the other of aluminum.

    Triggers (2): Skeletonized trigger and straight match trigger. For adjustable SAO models only.

    Magaizne Catch (1): An enlarged magazine catch.

    Sport Takedown Lever (1): A self-locking lever to prevent the shooter unintentionally unlocking it.

    Grips (4): There are four grips (Hogue G10, Black Laminated Wood, Enlarged walnut grip, Enlarged Black Laminate grip).

    The X-Series design is very attractive. I really like the angular, and subtly futuristic, design. We don’t know pricing yet. I expect it to be high. This is, after all, a high-end range of competition guns.

    Steve Johnson

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