New LWRC Six8 UCIW Rifle With New Magpul 6.8mm SPC PMAG

    The lucky folks at Modern Pawn and Guns, Corpus Christi TX, seems to consistently get hold of new guns before anyone else. They managed to get hold of the much anticipated LWRC Six8 UCIW Rifle, the new Magpul 6.8mm SPC PMAG and the new Federal/ATK XM6.8GD 90 grain Gold Dot ammunition.

    Now if you are thinking “Steve, this is just another AR-15”, you would be wrong. It is not a standard 5.56mm AR-15 with a 6.8mm barrel. The receiver dimensions have been blown out to better accommodate the 6.8mm SPC round. The Magpul 6.8mm magazine only works with this rifle and won’t fit in a standard AR-15 lower. The magazine holds a full 30 rounds, not the usual 25 rounds held by 5.56mm conversion magazines.


    The SBR 8″ Barrel version of the Six8


    Magpul 6.8 PMAG. If you look carefully you can see the new Blood Red follower.

    The guys at Modern Pawn and Guns, LWRC and a US Navy Seal, took the gun pig hunting at Wild River Ranch in South Texas to see how it fared with Federal’s new (not yet on sale) XM6.8GD 90 grain round. They shot this video …


    Federal/ATK XM6.8GD 90 Grain cartridges.

    Steve Johnson

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