New “Speed Ledge” Promises Improved Recoil Control

    Not too long ago, some USPSA “race” guns began to sprout strange angled metal plates from their sides. This modification gave shooters using a thumbs forward grip a way to leverage their support hand thumb against the frame of the gun during rapid fire. One such grip is the GOGun USA Gas Pedal® Grip. Now an enterprising small business called the C&L Company has taken the concept, streamlined it, and successfully adapted it to fit nearly any pistol sporting a 1913 Picatinny style dust cover.

    The concept behind this “Speed Ledge” is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it and bring it to market first. Machine a chunk of high quality aluminum alloy that mates solidly with that standard accessory rail, and extend one side of it down the frame toward where the support hand thumb will reside when a two-handed grip is used. Normally this thumb just sort of rests against the frame and there is no way to use it to grip the gun harder or do anything especially productive. Now, put a ledge or shelf under that thumb so when the pistol’s muzzle flips up while firing, the thumb stops the ledge, and therefore the front of the pistol, from moving so much.


    Three versions of the Speed Ledge are in production; a small version for short barreled pistols (think XD Subcompact), a large version for full size service pistols, and a large version with another Picatinny rail built underneath so you can mount both the Speed Ledge and the tactical light or laser of your choice. In addition, there are choices of short, medium, or long “arms” of the ledge itself, allowing the product to fit shooters with larger or smaller hands equally well. Left handed versions are available but are a special order item.

    The best thing about the Speed Ledge is the price. All variants, even the large version with additional Picatinny rail, run less than $50, and shipping is a flat $5.95. For a high quality alloy product with no plastic in it at all, I think that’s a great value.