New RCBS Single Stage Press

    RCBS Press

    RCBS is manufacturing a new single stage reloading press called the Summit.  The Summit re-thinks the single stage press and the system might seem a little backward to established reloading enthusiasts.

    The press mounts on top of the bench, rather than on the side.  During all operations, the case never moves, rather the dies come down onto the brass.

    RCBS Press

    Among its features:

    •  Bench-top operation
    •  Ambidextrous handle operation with compound leverage
    •  Massive 2-inch diameter ram
    •  Full frontal access
    •  Accepts bushings for 1-inch die bodies
    •  Press adapter bushing
    •  Zerk fitting for lubrication
    •  Spent primer catcher
    •  4 ½-inch operating window for convenient access

    MSRP on the new RCBS press is $269.95.  A short handle for the press is also available for $19.95.

    RCBS Press

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