CCI Quiet-22 Segmented HP

    CCI SegmentedHP-ammo

    CCI has expanded the Quiet-22 line of ammo by now including the segmented hollowpoint (HP) as an optional load.  The segmented HP breaks into three pieces on impact, which creates three wound channels.

    The segmented hollowpoint style bullet was a design developed by famous bullet designer Tom Burcynski.  The concept was to create maximum wounding for rapid incapacitation of an attacker, or in this case small game.  By immediately splitting into several smaller projectiles, a larger wound cavity could be created without the concerns of forcing a traditional hollowpoint design to open.

    CCI has used a segmented HP in the .22 line for several years.  However, this is a new addition to the Quiet-22 line.  The Quiet-22 line is specifically designed to reduce the noise created by the firing of ammunition.  CCI claims a 75% reduction in perceived noise with this load and even states “No hearing protection needed” in the company’s literature.

    The bullet is 40 grains and is rated for 710 fps.  A box carries a MSRP of $2.95.

    Richard Johnson

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